It might not be something that you care to spend too much time thinking about, but it is a matter which may have inevitably drifted across your mind at some point over the years. The question that many timepiece collectors would fear to answer; if, for the rest of your life, you were only able to wear one watch, which watch would you pick?

Rather tricky isn’t it? Perhaps evoking similar emotions of picking a favorite child for some rolex replica watches, it would never be an easy decision for anyone to make. To get the cogs whirring in your mind, let me tell you which watch I would pick from my own Rolex collection and why, then you can all tell me why I am wrong in the comments below.

The Datejust 116234

Okay. First of all, you need to think logically about such a painstaking request. If you are only allowed to wear one watch from today for the rest of your life, you are going to need a watch that will hold up in any type of situation. You need one that looks just as at home on your wrist at a pool party in Miami as it will in a boardroom meeting in Tokyo. For me, the Rolex Datejust 116234 is the perfect option to take me through the rest of my days here on earth.

First released back in 1945 in celebration of Rolex turning 40, the design of this classic timepiece has barely changed over the years. Remaining synonymous with everything Rolex encapsulates as a brand, the Datejust has been in continuous production since 1945 and it is clear to see why. They say if something isn’t broken it shouldn’t be fixed and the same rule can be applied to the Datejust. Simply put, little has ever needed to be changed because Rolex got it right the first time around.

A small number of initial designs were practically perfect in every way from day one, which left little room for improvements. Over the passing decades very few aspects had any need for tweaking, with any improvement works being the most discrete. These watches have truly stood the test of time and magnificently transcended the frivolities of passing fashion trends, similar to the way the Porsche 911 remains true to its roots in the automobile industry.

Keeping its classic shape over the years, the 911 silhouette has helped to make the German, luxury car manufacturer somewhat iconic. Both the 911 and the Datejust fit ubiquitously into daily life, forever embedding themselves in collectors' subconscious. The same way you hear ‘911’ when you say Porsche, you can say Rolex and hear ‘Datejust’.


The first waterproof watch of its kind, designed to be worn on the wrist, the Datejust was several decades ahead of its day. An ageless design, it immediately epitomized the luxury of Rolex on its release, featuring a self-wound mechanism and a date display aperture. Within the first nine years of its release, the only modification it had been subject to was the magnification cyclops lens over the date window which, in 1954, was something the world had never seen before.

Since then, the timepiece has become a little more broad in the shoulders, making it look more solid when compared to its delicate original cousin. A piece with real sustenance behind it, the 36mm Datejust manages to look strong without looking bulky. The sophisticated hands and face markers are well protected on your wrist, truly representing a prestigious example of functional aesthetic luxury.

The movement has undergone a variety of upgrades over the years since its release, before reaching the Rolex developed, calibre 3135-certified standards of the COSC.

The Rolex Datejust 116234


Unlike other brands of watch, where the combinations seem practically limitless, the variations of bezels, bracelets and dials for the Datejust are significantly less, though never leave you feeling stuck for choice.

You can pick from 18 karat gold, stainless steel or Rolex’s very own ‘Rolesor’ which is a mixture of the two metals. You have the choice of an Oyster bracelet or the five piece Jubilee band which was designed specifically for the Datejust launch, back in 1945 and remains one of the most classic combinations for the model.

Arguably, it could be said that the secret to the success of the design is that whichever variation you choose for your own watch, it is guaranteed to satisfy the social requirements of any occasion.

Final Thoughts

So, you may still be wondering why, out of the Rolex catalogue in its entirety, I opted for the Datejust? Why didn’t I go for the Sea Dweller or the Submariner, or even the Datejust II?

To that I would say, I wholeheartedly believe that this particular Datejust Rolex is the most versatile of them all. If someone told me I was only able to wear those aforementioned timepieces, don’t get me wrong, it wouldn’t be the worst thing in my life - they are all very high quality watches. However, I prefer the energy of the Datejust, its eloquent strength, synonymous style and unrivaled versatility.

While it may not have the additional features that have catapulted the sports models to the world-leading level they are, I am okay with that. The Datejust is lacking the helium escape valve of the Sea Dweller for instance, but as I seldom go commercial diving, this is not a factor that greatly influences my opinion. Realistically, the waterproofing provided by the Oyster case of the Datejust, up to 100 metres, is more than enough to cater for all I will ever need.

What this piece lacks in escape valves it gains in iconic design. The Datejust works equally as well with casual attire on a golf course as it does on your arm to any black tie event. The design remains relatively unchanged for the last seven decades, simply because it has not needed to change.

Is the Rolex Datejust the watch you would wear for the rest of your life? Let me know by contact us.