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Everything You Need To Know About GMT-Master II Replica Watches

Rolex SA is a Swiss-based watch designer and manufacturer founded in 1905 by a Briton named Hans Wilsdorf and Alfred Davis in London, England. The company was initially called Wilsdorf and Davis, which later registered the word Rolex as a watch mark in 1908 and became Rolex Watches Co. Ltd in 1915. After World War I, the company moved to Geneva, Switzerland, because the economy was suffering in the United Kingdom. Wilsdorf was registered in Geneva under the name Montres Rolex SA, which later became Rolex SA. Hans Wilsdorf has owned the company since 1960.

The Rolex GMT-Master is a wristwatch designed in collaboration with Pan America Airways. The airline supplied these watches to their crew member who traveled long distances on haul flights. The complete form of GMT is Greenwich Mean Time or coordinated universal time. These GMT watches allow the crew member to watch times of different time zones with the help of bezels that can rotate 24-hour scale. UTC and GMT are time zone required for weather forecasting, aviation planning, and many other activities.

How replica Rolex GMT-Master II watches are made

These replica watches are also made with the same machines as an authentic watch, with the machines that are available in the factory. The build qualities of these replicas are also superior.

• Construction of this replica Rolex GMT-Master II starts with selecting the material that replicas will construct. 90% of the material used in replica watches is the same, and the build quality is also high.

• Before starting the construction, replica watchmakers ensure to follow the same pattern used in the authentic GMT watch. Designers of replica Rolex GMT-Master II also provide every feature that an original watch contains, like durability, waterproofing, shining, and architectural qualities.

• The mechanism of both original and replica watches is powered by the caliber 3285 automatic movements with GMT function and 70-hour power reserve.

How replica Rolex GMT-Master II watches are made

Features of replica Rolex GMT-Master II

• Model case – Case of these replicas are made up of oyster steel

• Architecture – It is designed with a screw-down case back, and winding crown and the middle case is monobloc.

• Diameter – The diameter of the dial is 40 mm, designed for male users, and comes in black color.

• Bezel – Two-colour black and blue cerachrom in ceramic crystal, bidirectional rotatable 24-hour, molded numerals and graduation.

• Winding crown - screw-down with trip lock waterproofing system making watch water resistant up to 100-meter depth.

• Crystal – Cyclops lens is over the date and is made up of sapphire scratch-resistant glass.

• Bracelet – is made up of oyster steel with flat three-piece links.

The advantages of GMT replica watches

• These replicas Rolex GMT-Master II provide the actual value and experience of making daily life easier and luxurious as it contains many features to offer you comfort.

• GMT-Master II is ideal for people who often travel to different countries like the USA, China, and Russia. This watch allows users to set the time according to two different time zones, and the process of adjusting time is straightforward.

• A GMT watch tells you whether it is day or night with the help of 24 hour scale in different time zones.

• GMT-Master comes in an eye-catching color, a stylish accessory, especially when it features multi-color bezels.

• These replica watches could be used as a compass in case anyone lost directions.

• If you are going to buy these replica watches, you have a wide range of models. Whether you like simple or complex dials, these watches offer models for every preference.

• Replica watches are not limited editions just like original watches; they are manufactured in the quality of thousands and many more. So if you are not able to buy those limited editions, don't worry; replica watches are easily available. You can buy your favorite watch for even less price as compared to the original.

Some of the most popular GMT replica watches

• Rolex GMT-Mater II 116710LN – One of the best and most popular GMT replica models is GMT-master II 116710LN with its monochrome black bezels. This model was introduced in 2005 with a super case, giving the watch more volume. The classic black bezel makes these watches attractive to wear for everyday routine. If you love the color black, this would be the perfect choice for you.

• Rolex GMT-Master 16700 – This was the very first GMT watch produced in 1988 with 40mm of case size made up of stainless steel. The first watch provides functions like a second-time zone and date display. The bezels of these watches are inspired by Pepsi and come in blue and red colors with a bidirectional, aluminum insert w/24-hour scale. The dial of these replicas is black in color and style like Mercedes's hands, and the 24-hour hand is of red color.

Replica watches are widely used today because of their economical and affordable price. You can easily find these replicas online or even in local stores. You can save a lot of money by buying these replicas, follow your dreams and enjoy cheap luxury with these replica watches. You should only purchase these replicas from the reputed store with flexible payment options like credit and debit cards, PayPal, etc. Check all the specifications and futures before buying the product, which is very necessary, like waterproofing and scratch proofing.


1. How durable are these replicas?

Ans. GMT replica watches are highly durable and can even withstand shocks and scratches.

2. Are these replicas 100% the same as a genuine watch?

Ans. Not 100%, but yes, they are made exactly like genuine watches with almost 90% same material.

3. Can someone differentiate between a replica and an authentic watch?

Ans. It is tough to tell the difference between an original and a real one because replicas are considered the best quality fake. Even experts will not be able to tell the difference.

4. How does the GMT mechanism works?

Ans. GMT watches just a second-hour hand on the exact watch that is geared to rotate every 24 hours.